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There are many different photography jobs ranging from those in various commercial fields, such as in a fine arts gallery or commercial news, to portrait photographers, wedding photographers and even scientific photographers. Many photographers also do freelance work, which might range from fine art to portraits and everything in between. Although, in order to get a photographer job, there are certain tools required. This is especially true of students majoring in photography, as there is no way to pass the classes and finish the photography degree program without the right tools to do the work. So just what tools are used by photographers?Most photographers use digital cameras these days, but many still prefer the traditional halide film-print camera for all or some of their work. Many photographers are using automatic lens and shutter speed settings as well, although those who desire more creative control may also prefer manual operation. Film, filters, flash attachments, special lighting equipment, and tripods are also necessary to achieve the desired effect.Some photographers process their own photos, particularly if they are black and white photos. Other times it may be better to submit the film or digital copies to a special laboratory to be professionally developed. For those who process the film themselves, a special knowledge of dark rooms or computer software is required. Now photographers can manipulate and edit digital images. They can also send them easily through email from any location, but being able to use the software to touch up the photos is a special skill.Many of the tools of the photography trade are specific to the type of work the photographer does. As a photography student majoring in this subject, it is often best to test out a variety of different styles to see what medium works best for you. After finishing your fine art degree in photography, you might decide to shoot weddings and other events, or you might focus more on doing art work that you can sell to individuals and businesses. Many photographers do both and with the right tools, nothing should hold you back.

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